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"I've been pretty busy and today is the first breathing moment I have had to tell you that the painting you did for me arrived last week and I am very happy with it, as was the staff here in my office" – Alvin Smith January 2010
"The painting I ordered arrived today, and I must say it is a fine piece of work. Thank you." Mike Whither, January 2010
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Buy Wholesale Art - Oil Painting Reproduction On Canvas -  Alliance With GFM Painting Designer


In addition to creating oil on canvas oil paintings masterpieces to individual art lovers the world over, GFM painting designer also supplies paintings to the trade, including wholesalers art, retailer art, galleriy art, hotel art, restaurant art, TV/Film production companies and museums amongst others. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of high quality art and professional service and support, GFM painting designer is keen to hear from you. We can supply abstract art paintings, contemporary art paintings, modern art paintings, antique art, antique paintings and famous oil art reproductions at a fraction of the price without comprimising the quality, We offer the highest quality museum canvas print oil painting art reproductions. Without a doubt, our portrait painting created by our portrait painting artists can balso be supplied to trade as an affliate partner. Buying oil painted art or buy paintings from will alow your customers to enjoy these special and unique oil painting reproductions everyday.  

In this section you can learn about our products, service, guarantees, partnership programs and much more. The information can be browsed either through the links on the left, or by following one of the options below.

Alternatively, browse through the links containing general information on the left, highlights below:
Quality --- Learn about GFM painting designer unparalleled quality control and product guarantees
Pricing --- A general overview of wholesale pricing and options
Our Selling Point --- Why GFM painting designer? An explanation of who we are, what we can offer, and why we feel we're the best in the business.
Custom Art --- Don't be limited to the online collection (over 40,000 paintings) ---we can and often do produce unique art to our customers specifications.
Frames --- Picture frames and photo frames from various materials such as wood and metal
FAQ --- A list of Frequently Asked Questions, compiled into a list here.
Displaying museum-quality paintings in a workplace is not only a beautiful enhancement to any room, but it can also benefit your company in several ways:

• Portray a professional image
• Relax clients
• Give a special aura to a room
• Say something unique about the owner
• Provide a talking point
• Boost the company profile
• Support the idea of long-standing relationships and
• Enhance the model of solidity and reliability

Many of the paintings we provide have benefited all kinds of business in this way. And there’s no reason why any workplace cannot benefit from owning a hand
-painted masterpiece or bespoke pieces of art designed specifically for your wall space.

The types of businesses we have advised and supplied art to are as wide and varied as the artwork themselves:

• Open-
plan offices 
• Boardrooms
• Hotels and B&Bs
• Dentist and doctor waiting rooms
• Car showrooms
• Small art galleries
• Restaurants and pubs
• Tv & Film productions


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