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"I've been pretty busy and today is the first breathing moment I have had to tell you that the painting you did for me arrived last week and I am very happy with it, as was the staff here in my office" – Alvin Smith January 2010
"The painting I ordered arrived today, and I must say it is a fine piece of work. Thank you." Mike Whither, January 2010
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Pop Art From Photos
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Pop Art Portraits

Pop art has subjects and practices haggard from widespread mass principles, such as publicity, advertising and comical. In general all the works done on pictures of popular as contrasting to elitist culture is carried out through pop art. Have your pop art orders placed at GFMPainting to avail the world class pop art portraits delivered to your place.


RGB pop art


This hot new style for truly unique portraits uses an RGB color model and repeating image bands to convert your favorite photo into a one-of-a-kind image that will delight anyone with a technical turn of mind although you don't have to be a high tech nerd to fall in love with the vibrant rainbow effects and the happy combination of image repetition and colors. Ideal as a gift or as a home decor wall decoration.

cartoon drawing pop art

Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon drawing style printed on canvas. A great way to turn your photo into a photo pop art. This style provides the fun of the silkscreen effect to your own photo. Your photo printed as Pop Art on canvas.

classic pop art

Classic Pop Art

Turn your photos into Andy Warhol Pop Art pictures on canvas. Imagine what a great holiday gift! They're perfect to hang in the playroom, den, or office.

lichtenstein pop art


Turn your photo into a Roy Lichtenstein print. Lichtenstein is the American pop artist who made Whaam! a real word. As a birthday or anniversary gift the lichtenstein art style makes a unique statement.

graphic pop art


Choose a graphic style printed canvas pop art for a perfect black and white or color portrait of someone who has a flair for the dramatic. Formal, romantic, playful or theatrical, a graphic photo on canvas portrait makes a great birthday gift, anniversary present, or romantic momento.

avatar pop art


Recognize your alter-ego by exploring the Avatar in yourself, or surprise a loved one with an Avatar portrait that proves your love is 'out of this world'. Turn a portrait photo into an Avatar for the most imaginative and unique gift ever!

opie pop art


Find your essential self in a photo to canvas portrait created in the distinctive style of English pop artist Julian Opie. This is a unique gift for someone you care about or would make a contemporary and very hip style statement in your home or office.

color splash pop art

Color Splash

They say bring some color into your life? How about taking some away and leaving the focus on the important parts? Our Color Splash prints on canvas do just that. Enhance parts of your photos by keeping the color effect. Turn your photo into an eye-catching artpiece.

comics pop art


Always wanted to be your very own Comic figure? With our Comic style print on canvas you can jump into a different world and have a unique artpiece printed on canvas in strong powerful colors that brighten up your day. Whether dreamy, moody, lighthearted or formal, a Comics print on canvas is a work of art.

vintage pop art


Turn back time with a portrait of your favorite person in a style reminiscent of a bygone era. Perhaps you see yourself as a Victorian lady or an early American frontiersman? Your imagination and the skills of our artists will create a unique Vintage portrait to be cherished as a brand new 'old family heirloom'. A perfect one-of-a-kind surprise gift for any occasion.

magazine pop art


Do you dream of being a Cover Girl, 'Man of the Year', or a media hero? Our new Magazine style will turn you or someone you care about into front page news. Maybe your last vacation portrait deserves cover space on your favorite travel magazine, or your pet is 'Best in Show' at your house. Creating a magazine cover portrait is a fun way to make you all famous. What a great gift!

grunge pop art


The grunge art style was created back in the 90s while grunge music was at its peek and is now becoming popular again. The different layers that are applied to your photo with a lot of attention for detail result in a print on canvas in a grunge retro style - typically with many curves, circles, lines and grunge textures. Printed on canvas the grunge style is a great gift and you can choose between black and white or color.

oil painting pop art

Oil Painting

We can make your favorite photograph look like an oil painting. Whether it's a formal portrait of your child, your favorite landscape, or an informal photo of your pet, you can turn it into a work of art. With a photo on canvas print in the style of an oil painting you can create a unique souvenir of a 'picture perfect' moment in time.

aquarelle pop art


Request a unique intrepretation of your favorite photo portrait in aquarelle wash. Our experts will create a portrait individually styled to enhance the mood or subject of your photo using semi-opaque watercolors of exceptional purity. Whether dreamy, moody, lighthearted or formal, an aquarelle wash portrait results in an heirloom quality work of art.

che pop art


You can cause a revolution in your family by giving them a photo to canvas portrait with a dramatic twist. If Che Guevera could become an international icon maybe you will too. A great holiday gift for any member of the family!


the order process the packaging
the order process and packaging


Select one of the options below for more detailed information about the order process and the materials we use for our personalised portraits.

All work is carried out in-house in our studio giving us total control over the quality and the timescale to create and dispatch your custom artwork.





All work is carried out in-house in our studio giving us total control over the quality and the timescale to create and dispatch your custom artwork.

If you have any questions please view our FAQ's; Alternately call or email us and will gladly help with your enquiry.

send enquiry

1. Send Enquiry

Use the online upload form or email your photos with any preferences you may have regarding the layout, composition etc...

If you don't have a suitable photograph, view our tips on what works well - View Photo Tips

We can also accept the following formats via the post:

Physical photo/s to scan / On a CD / Memory card

review proofs

2. Review Proofs

Within 2 - 4 working days we will email you several water-marked no-obligation digital proofs for approval in the style you requested.

We will make any changes until you are happy with the final design and are ready to place your order.

Need it fast? We can send proofs within 24 hours with a payment of £15.

place your order

3. Place Your Order

Within 2-3 weeks from ordering your personalised canvas masterpiece will be packed carefully and shipped to you via courier in our secure heavy duty custom-made boxes.


order is shipped

4. Order is Shipped

Within 2-3 weeks from ordering your personalised canvas masterpiece will be packed carefully and shipped to you via courier in our secure heavy duty custom-made boxes.

Satin photo posters are shipped within 1 working day from ordering in postal tubes.

hang and admire

5. Hang and Admire

Our canvases arrive ready to hang; you simply need to follow the enclosed instructions on how to hang your print.

Sit back and will be admiring your custom artwork for many years to come.

upload photo
our customer love us
"The painting arrived today and it's marvellous. I can't believe it. Please tell the painter. Thanks a Lot!."


From this page you can view the upload form for all of the styles we have available on the site.

You can also email or post your photographs to us (View the contact page for our postal address).

RGB pop art cartoon drawings pop art classic pop art lichtenstein pop art
graphics pop art avatar pop art opie pop art colour splash pop art
comics pop art vintage pop art magazine pop art grunge pop art
oil paintings pop art aquarelle pop art che pop art

"Your paintings are brilliant and pleasing! This is such a great gift! Continue to provide service in art industry!" – Jack, UK

"Thanks a lot for carrying out beautiful pop art portrait of Michael Jackson. It was simply awesome!!!" – Jack, UK


Here are some of our frequently asked questions. Please contact us if your questions aren't answered on this page.

The Pop Art Process

How does the ordering process work?

How long does the process take?

How do I send you my photos?

Can I send you physical photographs?

What format does my photograph need to be?

Do I need to pay a deposit?

What if I don't like my proof?

How do I pay and do I have to pay online?

Do you deliver internationally?

View "The Process" in more detail "


The Design Process

Will you crop the background out?

Can I choose my own colours?

Can I speak to someone over the phone rather than email?

Can I have more than 1 subject in my portrait?

Can you match colours?


Canvas questions

How will you produce my canvas?

What materials will you use?

How do I hang my canvas?

How do I take care of my canvas?

Will my canvas fade in direct sunlight?

How will my canvas be sent?

How will my canvas arrive?


How does the ordering process work?

Upload a your photo via our quotation form and request your style. We'll email you back with a full quotation and we'll also let you know whether your image will work with your chosen style. Once you are happy to go ahead we ask for a £15 deposit, this covers the time it takes to create the proof and will be deducted off your final amount if you decide to go ahead. Once you pay your deposit we'll send you a proof with a couple of colour variations. At this point you can request any changes. Once you are happy with the final result you need to make your final payment and we'll send the artwork to paint and production. The whole process takes roughly 2-3 weeks. We offer a 'Superfast Turnaround Service". 


How long does the process take?

From the moment you agree on ordering your canvas the whole process can take between 2-3 weeks but we have a 'Superfast Turnaround' Service which will have your pop art canvas painted and designed, produced and delivered within 2-3 days. Please note that there is a £15 charge for this service. 


How do I send you my photos?

You need to upload your photograph via our quotation form. This is the best way to get your photos to us as this means we can also give you a full quote on your chosen style. If you have a very large photograph which is too big to upload then please send it to our emailid. Also we are happy for you to send more than 1 photograph via email if you need to discuss which is best to create your pop art portrait.


Can I send you physical photos?

Yes! You don't need to have a digital photograph for this process to work. You will need to send us your actual photo in the post (please go to our contact page). Please make sure it's good quality with excellent lighting.


What format does my digital photo need to be in?

Please make sure your photo is in JPEG, TIFF or .psd.


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. You need to pay a deposit of £15, this covers the cost of creating a proof and will be deducted off your final amount if you decide to go ahead. We will send you a link via email to pay for your deposit. You can pay by Credit/Debit card or paypal.


What if I don't like my proof?

We can make minor amends to features, colours and composition through the proofing processs. If you are still not happy with your proof you have no obligation to buy the full portrait. £15 is a small fee to cover the cost for the amount of work we have to put into creating the proof. Unfortunatelly we can't refund your £15 if you decide not to go ahead.


How do I pay and do I have to pay online?

You can pay by Credit/Debit card or by paypal via a link we will send you. You can also pay by bank transfer or you can pay with a cheque made payable to "GFM DESIGNER".


Do you deliver internationally?

Yes we do, just let us know what country you would like it to be delivered on the quote form and we'll be happy to send you a price.


Will you crop the background out of my photograph?

Yes, we always crop the background out unless you specifcally want elements of the background in your portrait.


Can I choose my own colours?

Yes. You can specify these in the Comments box on the quote form. Just let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate your request. If you're unsure of colours just let our digital artist choose for you.


Can I speak to someone over the phone rather than email?

Yes. Please contact us on 020 3592 3482, 07834 393 396 between 9 am and 6 pm.


Can I have more than 1 subject in my portrait?

Yes. You can have as many subjects as will fit within your requested size. Please note we charge per extra subject.



Can you match colours?

Yes, just send us your requsted colour reference via email. Bear in mind that colour varies from monitor to monitor so what we're seeing on our monitor might be different than yours so there will always be minor discrepancies.


How will you produce my canvas?

Please visit our Process page on a rundown of how your canvas is produced.



What materials will you use?

We do every pop art painted on oil on canvas. The frames are knot free and come with tensions wedges in each corner so you can tighten your canvas whenever you wish to. 


How do I hang my canvas?

Very easily. We don't feel the need to fit unecessary frame fittings which just makes your job harder trying to hang your portrait. All you have to do is put 1-2 nails in your wall and your canvas will sit comfortablly on the nails and will also hang flush against the wall.


How do I take care of my canvas?

If there is dust on your canvas, please brush it off gently with a duster. Never use cleaning fluids on your canvas. As with all works of art it's best to avoid exposing to extreme humidities. Avoid hanging canvases in cellars or attics where the humidity may affect the wood. Over time the canvas might sag slightly, please adjust the tension wedges in the corner of the frame to tighten.


Will my canvas fade in sunlight?

Our canvases are painted with original oil paints which will extend the life of your canvas. Oil paints will prevent fading of your canvas for at least 5 over years.


How will my canvas be sent?

Postage of your canvas is free to a UK mainline address. Your canvas will be sent via Parcelforce. Once your item has gone through painting and production we will send your canvas on 24 hour delivery. An email will automatically be sent to you with a tracking number so you can track your parcel.


How will my canvas arrive?

Your canvas will arrive wrapped in bubble wrap and we package your canvas in double corrogated card for extra protection. If for some reason your canvas arrives damaged please contact us and we'll be happy to give you a replacement.























































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