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Exsiting Painting Quote

1a. Painting Information

So you have a Painting in mind that isn't in our gallery? Let us Know more about it and we'll track it down.

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1b. Choose Style

This is Where it gets fun. you get to envision your own masterpiece that our artists will create Below is a list of that our artists can paint in For a description of each style, Click on"sample" next to the name choose one of these and continue to the next step.

Traditional portrait
Andy Warhol Style
Wedding portrait
Black and color
Pet portrait
Composite Painting

Che Guevara style
Architecture, Landscapes, Cars or another
Op Art - Dots
Image Incorporated Into a Masterpiece
Illustration Style
Graphic style

If you've selected a painting style that's strongly colored (Che Guevara, Black and Color, Mao, Op Art, Graphic Style), please let us know what dominant color you'd like in your painting.

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2. Upload Images

If you have an Image or Image of desired Painting, attach them here.

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